Using less glass than modern conservatory styles, orangeries bridge the gap between a conservatory and an extension.


We offer two distinct styles of the orangery; the first, based on traditional building techniques, features a flat, structural perimeter roof all round with a central glazed lantern. Internally there is a plastered pelmet which can incorporate spotlights and speakers and gives the overall feel of an extension. Externally there are two versions: masonry parapet walls or a cornice fascia perimeter detail.


The second style of orangery available uses a standard conservatory roof at its heart and then adds an engineered framing system internally which is plastered to give a perimeter ceiling all the way round, offering the same visual effect internally as the traditional orangery. Externally a cornice detailing option is available which adds height and presence. This cornice also shrouds the gutter and roof glazing bar end caps, giving a clean, contemporary look. All of this can be achieved at a price point not dissimilar to that of a standard conservatory.

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