P & T Shaped Conservatories

P & T Shaped Conservatories


P & T Shaped Conservatories

P and T-shape conservatories are achieved by combining several conservatory styles, making them the ideal choice for a larger conservatory.

The P-shape conservatory is a style that’s ideal for larger, detached properties, combining a lean-to conservatory with a Victorian conservatory, which can be either three-faceted or five-faceted. An L-shaped conservatory is achieved by combining a lean-to with an Edwardian or Gable-style conservatory.

Since it extends in different directions, a P-shape conservatory is ideal for using as two separate living areas. For example, the longer portion could be used as a lounge or dining room, with the rounded portion being used as a children’s play area.

P-shape conservatories are versatile because the proportions of the main and rounded sections can be adapted to fit your available space and to ensure that each zone of the conservatory meets its intended purpose.

However you choose to have your P-shape conservatory, you’ll find it an excellent way to create a versatile, dual-purpose addition to your home.

The T-shape conservatory features a central projection that can be either Edwardian, Gable or Victorian in style.

The T-shape conservatory’s beautiful shape will enhance any home, whilst its central projection will exaggerate the sense of bringing the garden into the home.

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