Out with the old, in with the New Wave!

Out with the old, in with the New Wave!

Ms Bignell enjoys spending time in her garden, and with the return of Spring and the promise of better weather ahead she wanted to seamlessly connect the indoor living space with the outside.


Whilst the existing narrow sliding patio door gave access, the opening itself was less than half the width of the doorset – not ideal.

The pros and cons of the various options available were:

Two pane bi-folding door: allows for around 90% clear opening width once fully opened. In addition, since both doors travel to one side, the other side is clear of any obstruction. However, since the doors are hinged together there is no independent “traffic” door for everyday use.

French doors: again, allows for around 90% clear opening once both door sashes are opened. Since both doors are hinged off of the door frame, only one need be open in order to gain access to and from the outside. The downside is that because the doors are hinged off either side of the door frame, there is no side which is clear of an obstructing door sash.

The final option was the innovative Slide & Swing New Wave Door™ which not only provides the same clear opening width as both the bi-fold and French door options, it also includes the other benefits without the downsides! This is due to the unique way in which the doors operate.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 17.10.49

Regardless of the number of panels, every New Wave Door has a traffic door hinged off of the frame for everyday use. The remaining door panel/s slide up to the traffic door, in a similar fashion to a patio door, and click into place. The panel then swings open stacking neatly against the traffic door. As a result, there is no obstruction at the other end of the opening. Additionally, since the panel slides inline with the track it does not encroach on internal or patio space in the opening and closing cycle, freeing up your living space.

Take a look at this video to see for yourself just how ingenious the New Wave Door is:

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